Kai Saariniemi




Allergan Medical Institution – Vistabel Expert Forum, 1.12.-2.12.2018, Stockholm, Sweden

MD Codes Tour 2018 – Facial Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers, Allergan Medical Institution, 6.11.-7.11.2018, Stockholm, Sweden

Live Workshop Water Assisted Liposuction – Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation, 20.9.-21.9.2018, Ocean Clinic, Marbella, Spain

Merz Aesthetics – Ultherapy Masterclass Advanced Plus Training, 3.5.2018, Tampere, Finland

Allergan Medical Institution – Spring Meeting MD Codes, 13.4.-14.4.2018, Stockholm, Sweden

Allergan Medical Institution – Facial Anatomy Course, 14.12.2017, Tampere, Finland

Body Contouring Surgery Workshop with WAL – Water Assisted Liposuction, 7.12.-8.12.2017, Göteborg, Sweden

MD Codes Tour 2017 – Facial Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers, Allergan Medical Institution, 28.9.-30.9.2017, Warsaw, Poland

Aqualift Facelift Workshop, 17.6.2017, Helsinki, Finland

Merz Aesthetics – Ultherapy Advanced Training, 23.5.2017, Tampere, Finland

Merz Institute Expert Summit, 18.-20.11.2016, Prague, Czech Republic

Merz Aesthetics – Ultherapy Training, 16.8.2016, Helsinki, Finland

Merz Advanced Aesthetics, 5.2.2016, Tampere, Finland

Allergan Acadermia, 27.11.2015, Stockholm, Sweden

Merz Advanced Aesthetics, 11.-12.9.2015, Helsinki, Finland

Mentor Course in Surgical Excellence, 23.-24-4.2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands

5th Helsinki International Workshop on Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction by WAL Fat Grafting, 31.1.2015, Helsinki, Finland

12th Quadrennial Congress of the European Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, 7.-11.7.2014, Edinburgh, UK

35th Congress of the Scandinavian Association of Plastic Surgeons, 12.-14.6.2014, Tromso, Norway

Allergan Advanced Masterclass Breast Augmentation Surgery, 23.-24.2.2014, Heidelberg, Germany

Barcelona Breast Meeting, 13.-15.3.2013, Barcelona, Spain

Application of Sutures with Cones in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, 26.-27.4.2013, Barcelona Spain

Improved Breast Augmentation Techniques Training, 28.3.2012, Stockholm, Sweden

Master Class on Body Sculpting and Trunk Reconstruction, 3.-5.10.2012, Birmingham, UK

34th Congress of the Scandinavian Association of Plastic Surgeons, 13.-16.6.2012, Helsinki, Finland

Beauty Through Science, 7.-9.6.2012, Stockholm, Sweden

Course of Malformations of the Scandinavian Association of Plastic Surgeons, 25.-28.1.2010, Gothenburg, Sweden

34th Finnish Aesthetic Teaching Symposium, Sculpturing of Ageing Face, 10.-14.3.2010, Helsinki, Finland

Microsurgical Workshop of the Finnish Society of Surgery and Hand, 20.-24.4.2009, Tampere, Finland

Flap Dissection Course for Reconstructive Surgery at Duke University Medical Center, 15.-17.2008, Durham, US

1st Joint Trauma Congress of EATES and ETS, 23.-26.5.2007, Graz, Austria

2nd Shanghai International Plastic Surgery Conference, 18.4.-20.4.2007, Shanghai, China

7th European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 6.-9.9.2006, Malmö, Sweden

8th Milan Breast Cancer Conference, 21.-23.6.2006, Milan, Italy

31st Congress of the Scandinavian Association of Plastic Surgeons, 11.-13.5.2006, Malmö, Sweden




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